Speaking + Training

With such a varied reserve of experience, Stephanie has the ability to cover a wide range of speaking topics including: Purpose + Faith, Branding and Marketing, Personal Branding, Leadership + Community Involvement, and Overcoming Fears About Blazing Your Own Path. Totally available for travel.

"I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others and I enjoy meeting new people and helping them connect the dots in their life whether it's about a career change or education or simply offering a new perspective on an idea."


Brand development is an area that Stephanie has excelled in. At the heart of developing strong brands, her focus is always on making intentional design choices and understanding the brand's purpose. Branding is often misunderstood. It is not a quick solution with the luxury of being changed frequently (unless you have a big budget!) Make sure your brand's first impression is a lasting one filled with value that people will embrace and appreciate. 

"A brand that you're not completely happy with won't impress anyone else either. Not investing in your brand out of the gate will definitely make the task of promoting your product, service or business much harder than it should be and will cost much more to correct later."

Let's Collaborate

There are so many great benefits to working with other like-minded people. Collaborating is a great way to amplify a message, meet new people and share a little about yourself for a greater good. So why not connect? What do you have in mind? Guest Posts, Interviews, Webinars, Workshops, a limited edition design project? Let's exchange "hello's" and get the party started.

"I've met some great people via social media. I'm all for working together to reach a common goal. I'm totally approachable and genuinely committed to being a team player."


Interested in finding more effective ways to reach your target audience? Whether you're interested in launching a digital or print campaign to market a product, service or gain awareness, Stephanie can help you with it. She has experience working in a variety of industries with wide-ranging needs. Although all clients are different, they all ask the same question at some point, "How can I get the most bang for my buck?" Ask her today. 

"Who wants to plan an awesome party and have no guests attend it? Your brand feels the same way! I'm strategic and intentional about developing marketing plans that make sense for the client."