Great News! You're not alone.

Feeling like you don't quite fit in. Feeling unfulfilled with what's become your life's daily routine. Wondering how to better balance the demands of life and work without cheating yourself out of time to focus on the things that make you feel alive. I've been there. Recognizing these feelings and accepting that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THINGS will put you and your happiness back on track. 



Hello. I'm Stephanie.

Almost four years ago, I walked away from the security of what I thought was my dream job to pursue a passion project that would allow me to connect with my community and be creative on my own terms. In August 2014, I launched Hello Dreamers as an outlet to help me balance the stress of work and family obligations with something that I was passionate about - bringing women together with the sole purpose of inspiring them to live lives that felt right to them. As soon as I announced my project, things immediately started to change. It was like someone had pushed over the first domino in a long intricate pattern. Even though it was unexpected, I was fine with it. I had no idea of what would happen next, but I knew I'd be better off because I cared enough about myself to believe in the possibility of there being something better than anything I could imagine waiting for me.

I have learned a lot about myself along the way. I love the person I am becoming and want to share my journey with you. 

What a few people are saying:

"Hello Dreamers is refreshing. I love that it breaks up the monotony of the staged perfection we've come to accept as reality." -- LaTasha
"You are so encouraging. I can't wait to connect." -- Crystal
"Sometimes what we need most is an honest example of a person who's focused on becoming better. Not a perfect example. An honest example." -- Adrienne